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29 May 2020


We know that you will have natural concerns that every aspect of your special occasion will run smoolthly. Regarding Soul Train here are some FAQs (Frequentlt Asked Questions) answered which should help give you peace of mind.
If you have a question which is not listed here then please contact us and we will be happy to respond in a timely manner.

Q.Can we see the band live before we book?
A.Yes, please contact Brian by email or Michael on 07794 678 394 to arrange a viewing at a suitable venue.

Q.How much does the band cost?
A.Each wedding is priced individually depending on location and performance times so please contact Brian by email or Michael on 07794 678 394 for a quote.

Q.Can we choose the first dance?
A.Yes, Soul Train are happy to learn any song for your first dance provided you give us 3 months notice.

Q.Can we have the original version of the song for our first dance?
A.Yes, if you would prefer to have the original version of the song we will provide that for you and play it through our PA system.

Q.Do you play background music during your break?
A.Yes, we will play background music at a suitable volume for your guests during our break. If you have specific music you want played you can provide that on either CD or iPod and we will play it for you through our PA system.

Q.Can we decide what songs you play?
A.Yes, you can suggest a few songs from our website and we will try to fit them in for you during the evening. However, we ask that the order of the set should be left to the experience of Soul Train.

Q.What time do you arrive at the venue?
A.We arrive 1 hour before the agreed start time.

Q.How long does it take to set up?
A.It takes 1 hour to load-in, set up and sound-check our equipment from the time we gain clear access to the room and performance space. We cannot set up any quicker than that and we cannot be held responsible for delays out with our control. Therefore, if the wedding is running 30 minutes late our start time will be delayed 30 minutes.

Q.How reliable are Soul Train?
A. Soul Train are a professional wedding band with many years experience, offering a properly contracted service and a commitment to excellence. We have an excellent reliability record and arrive on time to your venue.

Q.What happens if someone in the band is ill?
A.We have a pool of excellent replacement musicians we can call on to replace any one of us in the event of illness. If all our best efforts prove impossible, we will do our very best to find a replacement band for your event.

Q.How long do you play for?
A.Our standard performance time is from 8pm Midnight with 1x 30 minute break.

Q.Can you play later than Midnight?
A.We prefer not to play after Midnight as a wedding day can be extremely long and tiring for your guests, and we would therefore prefer to finish the night on a high with all your guests present. However, if negotiated and agreed at time of booking we can play to a maximum of 12.30am and an additional fee will be required.